Frequently asked questions

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Can I order my meals before arrival?

Yes, you can order your meals before arrival and this is what we prefer. Our menu can be found on this link.  When you order the meals, please remember to share with us any special diet requirements or food allergies if you have any.

Do you welcome day visitors?

Yes, we welcome day visitors to participate in our village tours, wildlife safaris or buy local handicrafts from our gift shop. 

Our meals are outstanding. Our restaurant is open for day visitors to order any meal. 

Where is the Elephant Home located?

The elephant home is located next to Queen Elizabeth National Park, on Kasese-Mbarara road, before Kikorongo Junction. It is 21km from Kasese town, 96km from fort portal town and 390km from Kampala, the Capital of Uganda.  

What activities are available to do at the elephant home?

We offer a list of up to ten different tours and activities you can participate in. They include all wildlife safaris in side the park and community experiences outside the park. 

Do I have to pay park entrance fee to stay at the elephant home?

No, you don’t have to pay park entrance fee to stay at the elephant home. we are located outside the park. You will only be required to pay park entrance fee when you go to do any wildlife activity inside the park. 

How far is the elephant home from the park gate where the game drive starts?

It is 10km north of Kasenyi gate and driving time of 11 minutes. It is one of the few accommodations that are closest to this gate. 

Do you sale food at the elephant home?

Yes, our onsite restaurant offers all meals on order. Since we are located in a remote area, we recommend that you share with us your interest to have a meal and any special diet requirements, when you book. If you want to book your meal now, please follow this Link

Can I find safe parking at the elephant home?

Yes, We have plenty of parking space that is beyond our accommodation capacity. it is private and our night guard provides the required security

Do you organize Lion tracking experience?

We organize all park wildlife activities through Queen Elizabeth National park management. These activities include; lion tracking, chimp tracking, wildlife safaris, boat cruses on Kazinga channel, climbing lion tracking…

Do you accept credit card at the elephant home?

Yes, we accept credit card. However, we don’t have a point of sale (POS) machine at the site. if you want to use credit card, we invoice you and you will be required to pay in advance, before arrival.