[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”How do i shop at The Elephant Home?”]
Click on Shop from the uppermost top menu in order to view all items available at the Elephant Home. Add items to your shopping cart or your wishlist, in order to view the items you have added,  move to the shopping cart section by selecting cart from the top menu.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”How do i make shopping payments?”]
The Elephant Home offers you more than one payment option, you can make your payments using the following payment options: Direct bank transfer, Cheque, Paypal and Mobile Money.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Does the Elephant Home offer shipping?”]

The Elephant Home offers you the following shipping packages:

This is free of charge but covers areas within Kampala and Kasese only. Shipping takes 3 to 14 working days.

This comes at a cost of 10,000/= per kg and covers all areas within Uganda . Shipping takes 3 to 14 working days.


a.Free Shipping: Shipping takes 30 to 90 working days.

b.Express Shipping: Fast and efficient shipping through partnership with DHL, Fedex or UPS.