Welcome to The Elephant Center Campsite

It is a beautiful location, living in Kikorongo community next to the park. The fresh water lakes supplying us with fish, the views of the plains and lakes in the park. Easy transport connections for the people, goods and services and the warmth of inter-cultural life of the local people speaking a dozen of languages and different cultural practices including the people from Congo.

However good the location may seem, it is a pain on the household farmers to live with wildlife in the neighborhood if your livelihood is only dependent on agriculture as a source of food and income. Considering the best solution and the need to coexist, we decided to use tourism as a pivot for our (community) coexistence with the park and also to raise awareness of the challenges we face and how we address them every day.

The Elephant Center Campsite, is a community campsite neighboring Queen Elizabeth national park, 22 km from Kasese town on Kasese-Mbarara road (Fort portal – Mbondwe road). The location makes it easy to use any kind of transport to get here and or to do your early morning or late evening game drives without any inconveniences. Please see how to get here.

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Self-contained rooms with a balcony for each room, furnished to make you feel at home. Our campground has roofed sheds in the jungle, that are all season with hardened floor located closest to nature to enhance your enjoyment for the local environment before and after your tour activities.

Community activities


Mix with the local people like one of us as you experience our way of life, learn the skills of living with the wildlife crossing from the park at the equator, farming amidst the wildlife and the tropical sun. Come celebrate with us our culture or do one of our village tours in the areas overlooking the park.

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Self contained rooms

Starting from $25 per room

Free breakfast, 24/7 friendly room service, solar lit with a compound and balcony.

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Jungle camping under tents

Starting from $5 per person

Experience the wild nature by booking for our sheltered jungle camping package.

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